Comments on Map the Future

“Highly recommend @michaelmace new book "Map the Future." Its a great "how-to" on biz strategy. #nofluff”
—Michael Gartenberg @Gartenberg  Research Director, Consumer Services and Applications, Gartner Group

“I've been reading an early copy of @michaelmace's book on biz strategy - it's extremely practical, 'how to build a dept that works' stuff.”
—Avi Greengart @greengart Research Director for Consumer Devices, Current Analysis

“Whether you are building a new team at a startup or managing an existing business in a large organization, Map the Future is essential reading. Mike’s years of front line experience in Silicon Valley are encapsulated in a practical guide to maximizing your chance of success in rapidly changing markets. Map the Future reminds us to stay focused on the fundamentals – customers, competition and technology trends. Mike provides the frameworks and tools to help us deeply understand our markets. Ultimately, our job as managers is to apply good judgment and make decisions. Map the Future will sit on my desk for years to come as an invaluable guide to help me make good decisions about the future. 
Tom Powledge, VP and General Manager, Symantec Corporation

“If your company needs to think about the future – and today, EVERY company needs to think about the future – then Mike’s book is the essential guidebook to have by your side while you do it. Even if you can’t revolutionise your organisation, your teams, and your activities overnight, there are plenty of small steps you can take today to help you plot a wiser course into an uncertain future. Map the Future explains the small steps and the big ones in a clear, compelling and convincing narrative that’s fun to read, too. I wish all the business guidebooks I've read were as good as this one. Hell, I wish ANY of them were."
—Matt Bacon, Deputy Director, Device Strategy and Communication, Orange-France Telecom Group

Map the Future provides vivid reminders that we technology forecasters have a lousy record of seeing what’s just beyond the horizon. I frequently chuckled at the missteps described, with more than a twinge of recognition. But it also provides highly practical suggestions for how we can improve our game. Even before finishing the book, I had written a stream of emails to my professional colleagues, making suggestions for new approaches in our projects, based on the examples I had just read. It’s a book that should be read by all technology forecasters, roadmappers, and futurists.”
—David W. Wood, Technology Planning Lead, Accenture Mobility

Map the Future is your cookbook for developing a strong roadmap and strategy. It's a must have for technology product managers. I wish I'd had a guide like Map the Future when I started my career."
—Gina Clark, Vice President & General Manager, Integrated Collaboration Group, Cisco Systems, Inc.

Map the Future is a landmark guidebook for forward-thinking executives and strategy consultants. Michael Mace offers a uniquely rigorous and robust framework for informing product and technology decisions. How to integrate the roles and processes is an ephiphany I wish I could have had a decade earlier in my career.”
—Martin Geddes, Founder & Principal, Martin Geddes Consulting Ltd.

Map the Future is an indispensable complement to all the executive strategy guides and market research manuals overflowing airport bookstores everywhere because it not only provides a new set of competitive techniques, it also shows how to make them work within today's leaner, faster organizations.”
—Craig Froehle, Ph.D., Professor, Lindner College of Business, University of Cincinnati

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