Questions and Comments

If you have questions or comments about Map the Future, please post them here. I'll kick off the discussion with a few questions that came from early reviewers of the book...

Q. Who's it written for?
A. The book's designed to be relevant to anyone who works on strategy, ranging from individual contributors to senior managers, in large and small companies. That's a huge amount of ground to cover, so chances are you'll find some parts of the book are more immediately relevant to you than other parts. I divided the book into subsections, with lots of links, so you can jump to the parts that you care about most. Reading the Table of Contents will give you a good sense of the content.

Q. The book talks a lot about the tech industry. Is it relevant to other industries?
A. Many of the examples I use are from the tech industry, but I think the information in the book is universal. You should be the judge, though. If you’re in a hierarchical company, in a conservative industry run by 30-year veterans, some of my advice from fast-changing Silicon Valley may not be relevant to you. On the other hand, if there’s one dominant trend in the world’s economy, it’s that the pace of change is accelerating. Companies are becoming more flexible, technology is changing faster, information needs to flow more freely, and the days of lifelong employment in a single company seem to be coming to an end. Like it or not, the world is becoming a little more like Silicon Valley every day. So no matter where you work, maybe this is a look ahead at the skills and practices you’ll need in the future.

I'm very interested in your feedback on which parts of the book are most relevant to you, and why. Please post a comment!

Q. Is the book available in a printed version?
A. Not at this time. Publishing electronically lets me get the book to you much faster, and update it frequently. If you need a paper version, please post a comment below, or contact me at the address here.

Q. Is the book available in the major ebook stores?
A. Not yet. I'm doing what's called a "soft launch," in which I roll out the book a bit at a time. Right now this is the only place you can get Map the Future.

Q. Do the files have digital rights management (DRM) copy protection on them?
A. No. I trust you. Your purchase of Map the Future gives you a license for your personal use. Please don't copy or distribute it to anyone else.

Q. How long is the book?
A. About 86,000 words. That's about the length of a typical novel; roughly 340 pages if it were a paperback. It's a bit longer than a typical business book.

Q. Is there a presentation of Map the Future? Are you available to speak?
A. Yes and yes. I can do both large group speeches and small-group interactive seminars. Contact me here.

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